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Yet by your own admission you have not watched the show on a consistent basis.
You may have me confused with someone else. I watched "Enterprise" devoutely for the first season and a half (or two-thirds) - about 30% overall.
Oh, 30%; why didn't you say!! lol.
I'll go ahead and step in here. I have seen every episode of every version of Star Trek from the original up through and including the Abomination that is Enterprise. And I'm calling bullshit on your entire post. The series did not get better. It got only progressively worse with lazy writers who coasted by, at best. After 20+ years of writing the same stuff, the writers were bored, and it showed. Say what you will about the various actors, but they can only do what is on the written page. If the writers don't give them anything to do, they ... well, they become Travis. Set dressing.

The gazelle speech. The Ferengi clusterfuck. The night in sickbay. Space nazis. THIS is the kind of series you're bragging about and lashing out against other posters for not slagging their way through? Seriously?

Any random episode of Enterprise - even the "best" - makes Voyager's "Threshold" look like "City on the Edge of Forever" by comparison.
"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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