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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

R. Star wrote: View Post
Just wanted to say I enjoy reading these Ben! Will you be doing TNG next?
I'm leaning towards doing TNG next, for nostalgia's sake and because I want to see how it stacks up next to the other Trek series. But Farscape is still a possibility.

But first, I plan to go back over my old review threads and save the reviews on my own computer. Knowing me, that could take me anywhere from a few days to three months.

Paper Moon wrote: View Post
I agree with all of your assessments except this one, mainly because I'm less harsh on Ferengi comedies than you are. But I also think, even in bad episodes like, say, "Profit and Lace," Quark himself isn't a bad character.
Quark was usually good even in crappy episodes. But what I meant by that is that he attracted crappy Ferengi characters and stories onto the show like a magnet. If Quark had been somehow better integrated into the main cast then there wouldn't have been the need for the Ferengi side-show that dragged the whole show down on several occasions.

Umm, now that the series review is done... could you go back and do this? Your analyses are extremely well-done, and I'd love to see your views on, hmm, all of them. (But especially Garak, Dukat, Damar, Weyoun, Winn, Bareil, Ross, Nog, Rom… um, yeah, all of them.) Pretty please?
No promises, but maybe. Just don't expect anything any time soon.

DonIago wrote: View Post
You know those are non-refundable, right?
But that thread is the reason why Sykonee gets a counter in each of my threads. What more could a guy possibly ask for out of life?

neozeks wrote: View Post
I'm a bit more critical of B5 than you (mainly because I think DS9 was generally a lot better on the simple "craft" side of things, from writing dialogue to acting) but I pretty much completely agree with your conclusions and rankings.
I had actually written about two paragraphs saying that, but I didn't want to focus too much on the contrasts between DS9 and B5, so I deleted them and focused on what was good about DS9. When I say that DS9's standalone episodes are the reason why it has a higher average score, what I'm really getting at is that (in my opinion) DS9 was better than B5 in most areas. The result is that DS9's best episodic stories were able to overcome what I perceive to be the shortcomings of that form of storytelling and compete with B5's epic arc-heavy episodes.

I love B5, but when it wasn't focusing on story arcs or its best characters, the show struggled to be anything special. DS9 could tell a standalone story about the weakest member of the main cast (Jake) and get it into my top ten. Twice.
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