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Re: Please don't airlock me . . .

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This forum is SO epic.. no seriously, it is. You just have to filter out the occasional nasty haters, the whole BBS has had a binge of them lately. I don't mind the funny haters.. because you can poke 'em and they poke back.
I lurked for a long while before deciding to make an account, but I almost didn't because of the ridiculousness of some people on here. I've seen a lot of hating across the board, not just on Voyager (though Voyager certainly got a lot of hate . . .) and it put me off for a while. I have to say, I'm glad I came to see the light and that an account was easy to acquire. It's refreshing to have knowledgeable people (such as yourself) to speak to.
I joined about a month and a half ago before reading any posts.

Just ignore haters or poke fun at them. :P Or just defend whatever it is that you are posting about.

I haven't encountered any mean or nasty people on the forum yet (StarTrekSlut aside...).
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