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And in legal terms, Bajor owns the station, Starfleet just operates, maintains, and provides a military presence.

Regarding the gambling, I'm sure Quark offers a generous exchange rate for Federation credits. Generous for himself that is.
Yeah, it's a Bajor station. I just watched the episode "Dax" last night which reminded me of that fact.

I suppose I noticed it because Quark ONLY mentions gold latinum (like in the episode Q-Less where he has the auction for Gamma Quadrant artifacts). But in that part, I understand, because he is Ferengi and he is selling so-called "valuable" and expensive items. But what do latinum-less Federation officers use to pay at the bar? Credits? lol.

And yeah, to the other poster, if I was on that station, I would pretty much live at Quark's Casino and Bar.
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