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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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so cain should've declared herself emperor?

i think you can say:

cain shook up the series, was an interesting obstacle for the regulars to overcome and michelle forbes is always awesome


as a character her actions are undefendable (or so i thought). she consistently made the wrong decisions, whatever her justifications. and saying 'rape-torture is ok if it gets you some intelligence (it didn't though, did it?)' is disgusting.

would you still defend, if say leoben had raped starbuck. 'it's ok he was intelligence gathering and the humans are the insurgents in this scenario'. if you think it was a valid tactic for cain, then this would have to be a valid tactic for the cylons. and for the record there are no strawmen in that equivalency, so don't even try that shit.
As a citizen of the US, I wouldn't prosecute the President for using torture if he felt it was necessary to defend the country during war. I don't begrudge a citizen of another country that adopts a similar attitude with their own executive when engaged in war against us. War is a dirty business.
That is a despicable attitude.

Several US Presidents were/are war criminals and should be rotting in prison. The fact that they aren't is not a vindication of their methods, but a sad statement on the political impossibility of prosecuting American Presidents for how they conduct foreign affairs. We'll happily impeach a President for doing stupid things domestically, but we almost always give conduct related to foreign policy, and war in particular, a free pass.

That does not in any way excuse it, and that you think it does is frightening.
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