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Re: Has star trek changed

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Also, the idea that Superman Returns was a flop is a ton of bull,
I don't know, it took seven years before another Superman movie was made, and that's a reboot. Maybe Returns isn't technically a flop, but is also isn't technically a success, either.
How can it not be considered a success when it made 20 million more worldwide than Batman Begins? It isn't Returns fault that it got saddled with production costs for several prior attempts to bring Superman back to the big screen.
Which franchise takes off and which doesn't probably has to do with what's generally popular at the time, too. It seems that for the last few years, "dark" has been the buzz word in popular TV shows and movies, along with eccentric and maybe even a little bit flawed heroes. Batman fits into that genre far better than Superman does because he is by nature dark and brooding, while Superman is the apple pie eating boy next door who seems so good and innocent and is brighter than a penny. I don't think it's a coincidence that the trailer for "The Man of Steel" looks like it presents Kal-El as someone who is living through an identity crisis and is not particularly selfless and perfect. Superman needs to be humanized. He needs his flaws.

On topic, darkness has even found its way into "Star Trek". Kirk is allowed to be flawed. My guess is the brooding will be left to Spock while dealing with the loss of Vulcan and his mother. The interesting thing is how the powers that be have felt the need to assure people that there is still plenty of hope and optimism in the movie.
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