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The Braves have nothing to lose by plugging in a platooning 26 year old rookie in the 8 hole.
Outside of the possibility to completely wreck whatever potential he still has. When a guy is clueless at the plate in almost 200 AB against AA pitching, the correct move is not to move him up to the majors, it is to see how he does against AAA arms before rushing him up. If he was so stymied by mid-minor pitchers, it stands to reason that he may have issues higher up.

Basically, having a guy learn at the major-league level is not the way to develop talent.
Completely wreck him? Thats a tad bit sensationalisic. He is 26 years old. Most players are entering their prime at this point. You say clueless at the plate? He hit 256 with a considerable amount of walks and not a lot of strikeouts. He is a contact hitter as confirmed by his spring report. Good eye for the ball with good power. 256 isn't good by any means but it is definately not clueless. Its simply middle of the road. Again, the Braves have nothing to lose with him mostly because he is 26 years old and they don't really care all that much if they wreck him seeing as how their No.2 overall prospect is catcher Christian Betencourt currently playing in Mississippi. The Braves know that Gattis isn't going to be McCann's heir apparant hence them rolling the dice. I don't know. I guess I just don't see this being the immense trainwreck that you seem to think it is. Besides if it doesn't work out, oh well, he goes back to AAA and gets those at bats.

You know Freddie Freeman hit 248 with his stint at AA Mississippi and then hit 319 the next year in Gwinnet. Hell Brian McCann hit 264 in AA and never even sniffed AAA. Coaches don't go off of stats alone or else nobody would make it past AA. Coaches want to see quality at bats and a good approach at the plate above all else. When they think that you are mature enough to provide that then you can get the nod to go to the next level. Most MLB players playing today have really crappy AA numbers if you go look. Bottom line coaches make the call on whether a player is ready or not.
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