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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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That's just the difference between Shatner and Hunter and not really the difference between Kirk and Pike.
Actors work from the script, character descriptions or template they recieve. From every analysis of the effect of "The Cage," once Hunter was not an option, Roddenberry did not wish to clone Pike, as he was not appealing enough--certainly not for a regular series lead. Kirk and Pike were anything other than interchangable personalities no matter the perfomer.

To his credit, Shatner picked up on the warmth / humor, but that was in the WNMHGB script for Kirk.

Interchangeable personalities occured to some degree on M*A*S*H, where uptight, snobby and judgemental Frank Burns was replaced by uptight, snobby and judgemental Charles Winchester--essentially born of the same need of an easily targeted foil for the leadback series leads.
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