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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Andrea makes it on the list of Most Annoying TV Characters Ever

A character with an incoherent personality who seemed to reinvent her motivations on a weekly basis, Andrea (Laurie Holden) really began to get on our nerves in season 3. While the rest of the show rebooted in a more action-heavy direction, Andrea became the last vestige of Dead's moralizing-soliloquy dark side, making speeches and self-justifying and generally bringing the action to a halt. It didn't help matters that, in the not-so-grand tradition of Marissa Cooper, she also had a tendency to fall for the way wrong guy. (Seriously, she hooked up with with the bad guy in two consecutive seasons.) In the Dead comic book, Andrea was one of the fan-favorite characters; by the time TV-Andrea bit the bullet in the show, fans were just grateful to see her go. —Darren Franich.
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