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Re: VOY The Second Time Around

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. . .I would shake my head and say to myself "they should have done this," or "wouldn't it be great if they did that."
Each individual series of the franchise has various episodes I do that with. It's the "If Only They'd..." moment.
. . .Back then, [CD's] all came in those long, thin cardboard boxes. Anybody know why?
It was an attempt to reduce theft. Previously, the little jewel box cases on open display were easily slipped into a garment or bag. Same thing happened with audio cassette tapes.
. . .I liked the first officer (pre-quadrant jump). It's a shame he was killed off instead of...well, I won't go there.
I never understood why Scott Jaeck didn't get on-screen credit as Mr. Cavit. But Cavit and the human doctor were both a couple of dicks to Paris, so I guess that doomed them. And Wil Wheaton's "Don't be a dick" motto is thereby justified. Jaeck had previously appeared as the visiting administrator in TNG's "The Inner Light".
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