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Re: Please don't airlock me . . .

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Maybe the poster jumped into some of the recent hate threads and freaked out.

Don't worry Ryn the VOY love is strong here
Actually, that's pretty much what happened. I was browsing the forums and came across some pretty scary stuff. Not gonna lie, it made me all skittish and more nervous than a Ferengi being revealed as a false profit . . . (Bad joke, I know.)

I've been trying to get myself psyched up to watch the last few episodes of Voyager but I have such a strong attachment to it that I can't seem to find the courage to watch it. Every episode that passes means I'm one step closer to having to say goodbye to these characters that I've fallen in love with and it tears me up. I'm such a sentimental dork.

I have a few favorites, since it was too hard to choose just one. They are, in no particular order:

1. Coda - Dunno why I love it so damn much, but this is my very favorite episode of all time. I think it has to do with the fact that we really see Kathryn as a person and not a command persona. I always get all teary at the scene in the mess hall. Poor purple-mouthed Harry.
2. Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy - The scene in the briefing room where Kathryn slides the Doctor's hand down to her butt . . . I've never been more jealous of a hologram than I am when I watch that scene.
3. Relativity - I loved that Seven of Nine (who's not my most favorite character, to be honest) stepped up and saved Voyager so readily. Plus, I love when she and Kathryn meet in the corridor and she gets the captain to trust her. It's just adorable.
4. Deathwish, The Q and the Grey, Q2 - I just love Q. I mean, he's such an omnipotent bully and Kathryn's always putting him in his place. They're sorta cute together, if I do say so myself.
5. Lineage - This is (sadly) the first episode that I found myself liking B'Elanna. Don't get me wrong, Extreme Risk and Barge of the Dead were really great episodes, but I didn't connect with B'Elanna until Lineage. It showed such a protective side of her, while really and truly showing how vulnerable she is.
6. Timeless - I'm not a huge fan of Kim-centered or Chakotay-centered episodes but this one was really well done and showed the pair's dedication to doing what had to be done for the sake of their crew. Plus, gray hair does wonders on Chakotay's sex appeal. >.>
7. Bride of Chaotica - Arachnia. 'Nuff said.

Yeah, there's a fair number of episodes that I adore but those are my top seven. I have a huge crush on the Janeway/Chakotay pairing, but I'm a freak and love Janeway/Seven and Janeway/EMH too. Weird, I know. But really, I could pair her with anyone (aside from Tuvok or Neelix, that's just too much) and I'd be a happy fangirl.

Oh, and Teacake? That Timeless video was amazing. I've watched it four times now and have to go watch that episode again because of it. Also, gray hair. Yum.
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