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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Anionic energy.
B is for Bussard collectors.
C is for Chroniton particles.
D is for Dampening field.
E is for Electrophoretic analysis.
F is for Ferris, a 21st century Earth despot or villain mentioned by Garth of Izar.
G is for Gagh. A Klingon dish AKA wiggly worms.
H is for Haakonians.
I is for Ilia's bald head. I assume that no drapes means no carpet.
J is for Jefferies tube.
K is for Klingon Vor'cha-class attack cruiser.
L is for Lurry, station manager of Deep Space Station K-7.
M is for Morn's revered seat in Quark's bar.
N is for Narn.
O is for Odo the shapeshifter. He's always really naked.
P is for Picard's fish.
Q is for Q's lips. They were always....purple.
R is for Robert Picardo, my avatar!
S is for Soliton wave propulsion technology.
T is for Tactical Officer.
U is for Underhill. Pell Underhill. Noted 22nd century Earth scientist.
V is for Valeris the Vulcan traitor.
W is for Water, a staple of Minshara / M-class planets.
X is for Xindi Death Star.
Y is for Yuta of the clan Tralesta.
Z is for Zephram Cochrane. A conoisseur of fine women, fine music and extra fine tequila.
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