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Re: Is Rod Roddenberry kind of a douche?

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There is no way in anybody's healthy perspective that 39 is a kid. If you're a woman you're looking at your fertility being almost over at that age and yet to someone who is a few decades older you're a kid? All you are is not old.

I think it's nuts to think 29 year olds are kids.
When looking around pawn shops for a decent SLR film camera back in 2011, I was told by one proprietor that I was too young and didn't know what I wanted (I was 43 at the time-he was in his 60's, most likely.) I told him that I wasn't a young man, and to give me a few weeks growth of beard to show him how old I was-he still refused to let me look at the film cameras that he had. Strange how people do that with somebody that they think is a 'kid'.
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