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Do you like to read?

In the absence of a good TV show on this late weeknight, I find myself bored, if not a bit saddened by the lack of new episodes of some of my favorites like Through the Wormhole, Ancient Aliens, et al. I ask myself, what can I do? I've long outgrown computer games, and naturally, I would be inclined to read something, but my reading habits and preferences have changed over the years.

I have a huge collection of books, mostly nonfiction, that I've accumulated as part of my home library since the days of Borders, and those don't include the comic books. I've learned the hard way that I tend to dislike any type of heavy reading, which involves most of my religion, social science, astronomy, health, art, and history collections, many of which remain unread or unfinished. That doesnt mean I can't use them for future reference. I must've spent $2,000, including my Marvel and DC graphic novels.

So during the past few years, I've been reading mostly magazines: travel, entertainment, culture, health, cooking. I don't buy books anymore unless I'm absolutely positive I will make the time to read them. If I never get the chance to read my books, I hope to give them someday to my nephews/nieces, however outdated they may become.

Do you love to read? What kinds of books or other publications do you prefer? Do you read for pleasure or for academic reason or both? What say you?
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