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Re: Drexler?s Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

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Oh my God! Just enjoy the show for what it was. Not every single cancelled show needs a follow up. And has anyone thought about how ridiculous these people are going to look trying to pick up characters where they left off a decade ago?
This. I really liked Enterprise, but it's time is passed. If there is to be more live-action Trek series, I want something fresh. A recast continuation of JJ Abrams' movies would be the most logical - like what Stargate SG-1 was to the original Stargate movie.

yenny wrote: View Post
They still could use Conner without setting the fifth season before the final episode. All they have to do, is to write it into the stroy that Trip had a twin brother.

A starship name Enterprise can be use after 2161. Remember that in first season of star trek, maybe the second season as well, the NCC-1701 was a United Earth ship, not a federation ship. It didn't come a federation ship until second or third season.
The Enterprise NCC-1701 was "always" a Federation ship. They just hadn't finalized the terminology and backstory of the Trek universe at the time - see also "time warp drive", "materializer", "lasers" and "Vulcanian" in the earliest of TOS. Or "Bajora" instead of "Bajoran" in their earliest appearences in TNG.

Otherwise, it would be like the US Navy building the most advanced battleship they could - and then having it NOT represent the entire United States or the US Navy, but some much smaller government - like New York City, and flying the flag of a NY yachting club.

That said, the name Enterprise can be used after the founding of the Federarion, no trouble. ENT was never shy about modifying continuity to suit it's stories.
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