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Re: Has star trek changed

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Yeah, Roddenberry was every bit as much of a money grubber as Abrams is.
Upon what do you base this about Abrams? Because he's been successful as a director/producer? (I haven't seen him setting up mail order companies, nor writing lyrics for theme songs to get half the royalties, nor getting jewellery featured onscreen because he wants to sell them, nor selling scripts to fans without any royalties going to writers, nor convincing View-Master to "come next week" when his own script will be being filmed so he can claim royalties on the booklet text...)

as clearly outright dumb as Abrams is
If Abrams is "outright dumb", then I want some of his smarts.

Even JJ Abrams gets way too much credit from people who don't know he hasn't written either Trek film he's made.
Movies are almost always written by committee. So what if the director/producer doesn't have a credit on the script? His input is all over those films.

And who's praising his "writing" anyway? Writing the script is not necessarily the only element behind a film's success or failure.
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