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Re: Family Member Owes Money. Advice?

You got shafted. You're lucky you got the $1000 that you did get back. I wouldn't expect anymore, and without any kind of contract or solid proof, you're at his mercy. Considering he was incensed at the idea of small ways to compensate you for borrowing so much and causing you financial loss for his tardiness, you're pretty much up shit creek. When family members pull the "we're family, we help each other out" line, they've no intention of paying you back, and may even ask for more in the future. Sorry for your losses. Seriously.

As a rule, I don't lend money. If I give a family member money, it's a gift and I expect no repayment (the amounts are always small). In the future, do not, under any circumstances, loan family money. If people have a problem with that, point them to your brother as the fine example why.
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