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Re: Has star trek changed

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Sorry, I liked Superman Returns a great deal. It's a good movie, and certainly better than at least half of those starring Christopher Reeve.


I too loved Superman Returns, and want to buy the Blu-Ray one day.

Also, the idea that Superman Returns was a flop is a ton of bull, as this article shows:

PERCEPTION: Superman Returns was a flop.
REALITY: Most estimates put the cost of this film at $270 million. That number actually includes the cost of several previous, unrelated, failed attempts to make a new Superman movie and doesn't really reflect the actual cost of Superman Returns. Even if it did, Superman Returns made $391 million worldwide. That's even more than Batman Begins, totaling only $371 million in box office receipts worldwide. Yet Batman Begins is widely considered to be the more successful movie, so successful in fact that it spawned an entire series of even more successful sequels while Superman was abandoned to be completely rebooted years later.
You're Wrong: 20 Common Box Office Misconceptions
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