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I'm still on Season 1 of DS9 so this might sound newbie-ish...but I am just wondering to anyone who has watched more DS9 than myself...why is Quark allowed to run that casino/bar? And what do people use for payment? It seems like, at least in Season 1, Quark doesn't actually have a technical function on the station other than to make money for himself through his business. Why keep him there from a command point of view? I don't know if its just because I'm used to the Starship structure where things are more strict? I understand that the station's basic job is to keep an eye on the Wormhole (at least in Season 1) and other reasons as well and that it doesn't have a strict mission as of Season 1 like some other Trek series do, but I would think they would have more regulations? But I suppose with so many ships docking all the time and different species and people coming in and out all the time, it's not as restricted as a Starship.

I really love Quark as a character and find him to be the main source of comedic relief...I am just wondering why the rules seem to be so lenient on the station?

I think its funny that Odo gets on his case all the time about his activities. Is there a reason Quark is allowed to continue doing what he does anyhow?
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