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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Let's do this! I have connections.

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If you're looking for Mon Mothma there are actually two action figures of her already in existence.

Mon Mothma (Return of the Jedi), 1998 Power of the Force 2 line
Mon Mothma (Revenge of the Sith), 2005 Episode III line

The 1998 figure is little more than a well-sculpted and painted salt shaker that resembles the actress (Caroline Blakiston) from the Original Trilogy. Pitiful articulation. We need a super articulated remake with a closer likeness to Blakiston, but the way the focus of the Star Wars license is directed at the moment I wouldn't hold my breath to see a new version of her anytime soon. The prequel figure from 2005 is by far the better Mon Mothma on the market.
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