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A very ends justifies the means POV, eh? Context does not make it right. And by that argument, you condone the enemy doing the same thing to your troops; cause from the context of the enemy's POV it's necessary.

Assuming for a moment that she did gain some short term useful intelligence, once the "value" of Gina was drained why continue to allow the rape and torture? Gina was not a high value assets, the Cylons seemed not to care that she was there--if they even knew she was there, she was catatonic and unresponsive (nothing more than a fuck toy for the crew), so why even keep her alive? Unless it was to further her humiliation and make her "pay" for breaking Cain's heart. Cain's actions were not those of a sane or healthy mind.
I concede that personal feelings might've played a role in that, but I think it was mainly for intelligence. I think personal betrayal played a minimal role in Cain's ruthless tactics, evidenced by the fact that her ruthlessness began before the betrayal.

If you ask a black man if Lincoln wrong to authorize a scorched earth strategy (purposely destroying civilian infrastructure and can argue morally worse than Cain stripping civilian ships) to help win the Civil War, what answer do you think you'll get?
Probably not as much support as you would like to think. Especially considering that they were in the line of fire--so to speak.

And Cain's tactics were ruthless and suicidal. Gina, was about "you hurt me, I'll hurt you worse". Again, once the intelligence dried up, why continue to rape and torture her.
I concede, that personal feelings may have played a role there. But they might not have since Cain's ruthless actions started before the its hard to differentiate without the show clearing it up. If you asked black people today, or if you read the history books and what's taught in class rooms, they'll tell you of course Lincoln made the right move.
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