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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

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- DS9 was filled with a surprising LACK of alpha male machismo.
And this is bad?
No kidding! I had hoped that everyone was aware that chest thumping garbage was passe. I guess not!

That's ok though. I get a great laugh whenever someone chooses to put it on diplay!
Especially in regards to a TV show. I mean... why would this even MATTER? Before this thread, I would never have even conceived of the notion that ANYONE holds the amount of "alpha male machismo" present as being of even slightly important when evaluating a Trek series.

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So is anybody else having the same problem I am with the Bashir in their rewatch?

Knowing now that he's genetically enhanced with a massive IQ, I just can't watch anything he does in those early episodes without wondering if he's being sincere, or simply putting on a show to hide the truth. Especially in episodes like "Past Prologue", where he's bounding around like an exciteable, naive little kid and telling everyone about Garak. Or when he's acting nervous about the Klingons and every other little thing that happens.
I dunno... are those things really necessarily out of character for a genetically engineered guy in the first place? Those are personality traits. Just because he's got a monster intellect, doesn't mean he can't be a bit wowed by his first assignment, a bit overexcited at meeting a real-life spy, etc. He's got exceptional reflexes and is highly intelligent, but you can't genetically engineer common sense, maturity, or general personality traits. I think that, combined with:

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No, I always feel like that Bashir is downplaying his true self so that no one will ever expect that he is genetically enhanced
this, to the degree that it would have been necessary, covers it pretty well.

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