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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Supes -Ok
Clark Kent- Guy in a suit. No
Lois Lane-Woman. No
Jimmy Olsen- Guy in a suit. No
Perry White- Guy in a suit. No
Lana Lang- Woman. No
Lex Luthor- Guy in a suit. No
Otis-Guy in a suit. No
Miss Tessmacher- Woman. No
Jor-El- Maybe
Lara- Woman. No
Zod- Maybe
Ursa- Woman. No
Non- Maybe
Jonathan Kent- Guy in a suit. No
Martha Kent- Woman. No
Gus Gorman- Guy in a suit. No

There's pretty much Mattel's thinking on any such line. I'm seriously not kidding about the women thing. Mattel has actually gone on record saying that no female characters beyond pretty much Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl are at all viable at retail. Batgirl and Supergirl only because of their association with their male counterparts.
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