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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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1) Was it ever proven that Cain's sanction of torture 'netted any actionable intelligence? For that matter, once any useful info had been gleamed, why continue the rape and torture, beyond petty desire to hurt Gina.

2) By arguing that it was "guerrilla war tactics" then that argument basically says "it's okay to rape and torture" the "good guys" so long as the other guy is using "guerrilla war tactics"
Talk about strawmen...
Is rape/torture a valid tactic, yes or no? If it's valid for "us", it's valid for "them". It's a simple question: Either you believe and support rape and torture as a valid means of gathering military intelligence, or you don't. You either believe it's "right" or that it's "wrong". None of the bullshit about everyone does/has done it, that doesn't make it right or justified.

And I missed one up thread about Gina blowing up Cloud 9: Remember Baltar gave her the nuke, dumped her, and left her suicidal. So it was largely Baltar's fault that the new colony got found out by the 'nuke blast.
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