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Re: Anyone here who HATES "in the pale moonlight"

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anyone here who hates in the pale moonlight, who feels it was selling Rodenberry cheap to play on a love of angsts or whatever.
I honestly don't understand your question, but maybe that's because I qualify as an antique. In what way do you think it "sells Roddenberry cheap" for Sisko to be conflicted with his decision and actions? Are you using the term angst in its philosophical or contemporary sense (often applied to moody teenagers)?

Kirk was often conflicted with his decisions. Picard, not so much, but he was sweating it when he thought his piano playing girlfriend was going to die.

I dont PERSONALLY think it "Sells rodenberry cheap... but am aware of others who think it does... and wanted to hear their arguments, since just heard about them from 3rd or 4th hadn acounts.

Also I mean contemporary angst, as in a lot of tragedy in fiction.
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