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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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Cain's crimes went far beyond torturing one Cylon.
I've addressed the other abuses. The only argument I got in return was a reference to Hitler.

There have been at least several well-considered rebuttals of the OP not invoking Hitler in this thread.
And I've responded to those rebuttals. Nobody has addressed my reference of South Korea's former leader without invoking godwin's law (as a practice I tend not to respond when godwin's law is invoked...and I think South Koreans would find that offensive). Nobody has addressed my point about scorched Earth warfare (purposefully destroying civilian infrastructure and food supplies as a strategy in and of itself) including it being used by the Union...contrasting that with Cain just scavenging for parts her ship needed. And nobody has addressed my point about everybody using torture during war including a superpower that wasn't in danger of an existential threat and the cylons themselves in that universe.

These points taken in totality address all of Cain's abuses and puts them in context. War is ugly folks and what Cain did was relatively mild.

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