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Re: Competition: write an episode of Star Trek Continues

He would have treated it and the awesome expanse of the universe with more repect. It would have been more Forbidden Planet like. Many TZ episodes could have made good Trek scripts and vice versa considering the same guys were all involved, but Serling wrote an astounding 80 percent of the scripts for the eintire five year run of the series and to my count GR was resonsible for writing about 14 episodes himself and shared credit on about at least three others with the sci-fi giants of the time and like he said rewrote practically everything first and even second season. He said he almost killed himself fighting the inner and outer battles that raged due mainly to the egos of others, rather tyhan his IMO. It was his show, he had every right to get things right according to him as time has beared out. Thank God.
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