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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I do not agree with the criticism Cain got as Superman. The idea the show had was that Clark was his real personality. So as Superman he was aloof and unconformable with the attention he got. He wanted to do good but not be a celebrity. It reminded me how many actors are uncomfortable when they have to do interviews and public appearances. But are completely different when performing. Hence the idea of him being a working man with powers. Like real life heroes, cops and soliders, who down play the praise they get by saying they were just doing their job.
The first year of Lois & Clark was my second-favorite TV version of Superman - childhood attachment to George Reeves's portrayal is too hard to overcome, but otherwise no other version has come close to Cain and Hatcher.

It would have been impossible to do a modern prime time Superman TV series with any sophistication or adult appeal at all prior to Byrne's reboot. Superman-is-Clark-in-disguise is the only way that Supes makes any plausible psychological sense at all when you think about it. I know Tarantino has a different idea, but I think he's too fond of the 1978 movie.
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