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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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Consider waging a guerrilla war (many examples throughout history where a small guerrilla force has beat back a superpower) and fighting for your home vs. a pilgrimage to a mythical planet. In hindsight the choice might be wrong, but in reality the first choice is the more rational option that most people will take and many have previously succeeded in. Thus, you have to judge her based on that. And Adama's quote seems to say that her tactics were flawless in waging that strategy.
How many Cylon basestars did the Pegasus knock out? How many more could it hope to knock out before it ran out of luck, or just lost enough people to not be able to keep on fighting?
Unless she could hope to wipe out every Cylon with her single battlestar before her luck ran out, she didn't have a strategy any more than Butch and Sundance did in the final scenes. At best, she was just going out fighting, taking as many of 'Them' with her before she went.

That's a tactic. It works strategically if you're buying time for the other units to regroup and fight back once you've made your heroic sacrifice. But if you're all that's left (or think you are), then...
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