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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Carbon Creek was a fluff episode. Fish out of water Vulcans among 50's humans has a novelty value to it. Though the "Moe" the Vulcan getting all disgusted when the main guy suggests eating a deer is just silly. Okay you're vegetarians. I bet even the most hardcore vegetarian would eat meat if it's a matter of life and death. It's... logical. I liked the "I love Lucy is on" line too. My biggest complaint is they sidelined everyone else in favor of the big three that episode. They could've given Reed, Hoshi and Phlox a few lines at the table. Phlox probably would have some interesting commentary.

Minefield was a pretty good episode. My biggest gripe on that one though is Archer going out there at all, but I suppose logic aside the whole point of the episode is for Reed and Archer to bond. As for why Reed opens up when there's danger? He's the guy who likes to blow crap up. He's not living at all if there's not imminent death for someone.

Dead Stop... I liked this one, if just for the continuity value. Usually after the ship takes damage, next week they show up just hunky dory fine with no explanation. They even remembered Trip's lame crashing into the ship during the pilot. The human eating Matrix battery space station thing is a bit silly. Anything advanced enough to to automated repairs and just materialize entire bulkheads out of nothing surely has a better power source than a few redshirts from various ships.

A Night in Sickbay... Archer is an idiot and needs to leave his dog home. Enough said.
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