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Re: The Netflix Thread

I just got back from vacation so I missed that - yeah, sounds great! Netflix is the place for crazy sci fi that won't get watered down for the mass market or even an audience the size that SyFy expects.

Another article, which has an interesting quote from Netflix.

With Sense8, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explained that the Wachowskis and Straczynski are some of the most popular content creators on the Netflix Instant platform. “Their incredible creations are favorites of Netflix members globally and we can’t wait to bring Sense8 to life.”
And I agree with the comments above that Netflix needs to redesign their streaming interface, it's basically a parade of junk that I occasionally pick through when I'm extremely bored to find something weird to watch.

They also need to think of ways to let Netflix viewers communicate with each other - yknow, like this thread, except way bigger and better. When I watch something on Roku, I should be able to at least leave a comment about it.

And I'm still flummoxed that they aren't doing more direct communication with subscribers through the streaming interface, such as a standard "what's coming from Netflix Originals" button that lights up when there's something new. Click, and you find out Arrested Development just released new episodes or whatever. Why rely on e-mail and online ads when they have a captive audience they can reach, basically for free?

How about a countdown widget you can add, that tells you X days to Arrested Development?

It's nuts that they're based in (or adjacent to) Silicon Valley, there in Los Gatos. They have plenty of UI talent to draw upon right in their backyard.

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