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Re: E-Books or Paper Books

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Part of my issue with ebooks is that I already spend a lot of time on screens every day, and I have found that reading ebooks cuts out a small but useful part of my day where I'm off-screen.

Of course, part of this issue is that I'm using rather old screens to read; my phone is nearly ancient at this point, and I read on a laptop of similar age. In the years since I bought these items, visual displays have vastly improved and now produce more natural images that are crisper and easier to read.

In a few years, I'll probably buy a (by that point, very out of date) iPad and I suspect I will use ebooks much more then.
Skip the iPad and buy a e-ink reader specifically for books. They are much easier on the eyes (I have both an iPad and Kindle Paperwhite) and a dedicated reader is far cheaper.
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^ I've had the opposite experience - I find e-books are MUCH easier for me to read on an iPad than on a Kindle. And it's one less device you have to worry about.
Yeah, thus far I'm with Mr. Laser Beam; I have a friend who owns one of the new iPads, and it's very easy on my eyes. Eventually I think I will buy one, but not just for reading ebooks. And I do dislike having too many devices.

But who knows? Maybe Kindles will go down in price soon enough that I'll go ahead and get that first.
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