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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

Ack, I have to agree with Brannon Braga now?

But yeah, I'm sure that deep in the bowels of Netflix, there's some Landru-like computer adding up all the people who are watching Star Trek series (all of them) on streaming, every minute of every day... Sooner or later something's gonna click with Landru's human minions.

Forget ENT, tho - a new series would be the way to go. And a two-hour special would make no sense at all, why invest all the start-up costs for something that short? Netflix is all about grabbing and hanging onto viewers (being subscribers, not ad viewers, they're more valuable to hang onto), which means there always needs to be something else that's related to shove at them, either the same series or something compatible.

EDIT: Sadly, that traitorous Landru seems to be a Bablyonic.

Hot on the heels of Netflix’s original series House Of Cards, the company has announced that it will release a new sci-fi TV series to the platform called Sense8.

The show is being developed under the guidance of the Wachowskis, who are responsible for smash hits like the Matrix series of films, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas and Speed Racer, as well as J. Michael Straczynski who is the creator behind Changeling, Thor, and Babylon 5.


With Sense8, Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos explained that the Wachowskis and Straczynski are some of the most popular content creators on the Netflix Instant platform. “Their incredible creations are favorites of Netflix members globally and we can’t wait to bring Sense8 to life.”

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