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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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I always loved T'Pol's religion like faith in the Vulcan Institute of Science declaring there's no time travel. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in it either... but if I saw the evidence right in front of me, I think reevaluating that belief would be... logical.

But making sense would undermine the purpose of the episode.
Yeah i found her continued denial funny and adorable at the same time. With regards to Shockwave part 2 she had just been subject to quite nasty looking torture at the hands of teh Suliban and seemed to have retreated to an almost catatonic state. She wasnt answering Trips attempts to communicate with her til Archer appeared from the future and it semed to me like she thought he was an hallucination created by her tortured mind. He had to convince her to turn around and that he was really there.

I cant recall if she still denies time travel at the end of the episode and it doesnt seem to have come up in following episodes.
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