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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Dead Stop

OMG that station is so creeeepy! Seriously it freaked me out but then I have always prefer interacting with a person to automated computerised stuff Iím kinda old fashioned that way. Anyhow I like that the ship didnít magically repair itself in between episodes but then Enterprise has been fairly consistent so far in not having damage magically disappear or referencing having had to repair stuff unlike a certain other ship I could mention but wont. I also like the wonder everyone shows at the replicator and repair technology. I sometimes forget that these guys havenít developed that level of technology yet.

I do think it was weird that the station went to the trouble of faking Travis death and abducting him when at almost the exact same time or shortly before it had to transport Trip and Reed back to the Enterprise bridge after their ill advised attempt to get a look at its data processing unit. If I was that creepy alien station I would have just replicated a chargrilled version of one or both of those idiots and pretended that something went wrong in transport. After all its never had to transport a human before.

I do wonder if with all those races abducted for use in its data processing is it a case of abducting a new unit when an old one begins to wear out form old age or, since I only saw one of each species there, is it a case of maintaining the current units indefinitely with its advanced medical tech and abducting someone new whenever it encounters a new race? Also since Enterprise encounters a Tellarite vessel I assume they are near Tellarite space and since Tellarites are founding members of the Federation I assume that creepy station is located deep within what will one day be Federation territory. So if that station is so indestructible and can repair itself does that mean its still there when Picard and crew are whizzing round exploring? Is it still there when the Domion are invading? Did they they just erect a large barrier around it with a sign saying danger do not enter?

This episode gets 3 and a half stars.

A Night In Sickbay

The bat is so cute!!! And Phlox is adorkable in his nightly grooming rituals. Why do I get the feeling that his saliva, like his toe nails, probably also serves as food for one of his many animals. Its kinda predictable that Archer wouldnít sleep any better in sickbay than in his room. Even though its upsetting that the aliens didnít check whether their world was safe for Porthos to frolic in and I did want them to apologise over that it was hard to be sympathetic when Archer was being so petty and unreasonable. He kept taking his anger out on TíPol and other members of the crew and nearly screwed over diplomatic relations with another race because of personal reasons.

Also it feels like all of Archers progress during season 1 of learning to tolerate Vulcans and trust TíPol and treat her like a valued member of the crew got thrown straight out of the airlock. And the justification for all the anger and vitriol he spewed at her was because he is subconsciously attracted to her? Well that came completely out of left field. I was fairly certain that Trip had been subconsciously crushing of the Vulcan science officer since early season 1 but I hadnít seen anything to indicate Archer also found her attractive. Hopefully now that heís aware of his feelings and their inappropriateness he can revert back to his more tolerant self though I get the feeling angry Archer might be around for a while.

I give this episode 1 and a half stars because of the adorable bat and the adorkable Phlox. Everything else can just go out the airlock along with Archers character development.
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