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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Carbon Creek

This was…interesting. I like the idea of Vulcans stranded on primitive earth but not the whole inventing Velcro, which was invented in 1948 by Swiss electrical engineer George De Mestral who lived in Switzerland and didn’t patent his invention until 1955 and yes I did just look that up on Wikipedia. Why not just have her fix one of the replicators on the crashed ship and replicate some gold then exchange it for cash and put the cash in the jar. She could even skip the gold part altogether and just replicate some cash. Either way would have been much simpler without breaking my suspension of disbelief.

I like the friendship that formed between T’Mir and the lad with college aspirirations as well as the romance that developed between his mother and the nice Vulcan guy who chose to stay on earth. Hey maybe there are already human/Vulcan hybrids running round that would be cool. Anyhow this episode gets 3 stars.


Romulans yaay! I like the reference to how Archer tried to read about them in the future library but Daniels wouldn’t let him. I also love how heavily Reed gets featured in this episode. Archer invites him for breakfast so he can get to know him and ends up getting to know him during a tense life or death situation instead. Its funny how Reed seems to open up to others most when he is convinced of his own impending doom. I do wonder how the Romulans expected the Enterprise to be able to leave orbit and exit Romulan territory when they were surrounded by cloaked mines. Granted our regular cast had figured out a way to see the cloaked mines but the Romulans didn’t know that. They were probably hoping that Enterprise would hit a mine on the way out and explode. Romulans are such horrible Jerks and yet are totally awesome whilst being horrible jerks.

This episode gets 4 and a half stars.
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