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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

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Really the blame to me falls on Riker who decided it was a great idea to have the therapist fly the ship.
The goal posts called - they're getting dizzy from being continually moved.

After all we've
a) proved to you that Troi was qualified to helm the saucer section yet you maintain that she merely a shrink

b) that damage the ship combined with the shockwave meant that they were in trouble no matter what happened you maintain she was incapable to performing the job.
She was never shown flying the ship during her bridge qualifications. Regardless it's irrelevant, I've explained several times that space is three dimensional, that the saucer was responding to helm commands before the shockwave hit, and that Troi could've maneuvered away from it. The only way the shock wave could have knocked the saucer into the planet is if it was between the planet and the stardrive. So that turn Troi made as they separated was turning the ship towards the planet. Which is foolish even when things are going just fine.

If you want to play apologist for her, feel free. She really should've and could have saved the saucer. Yes she only had a few seconds to maneuver... that's why you usually employ a full time pilot instead of at best(it's never proven she sat at the helm before that point) a part time one. Piloting requires quick reflexes, which she never really demonstrated at all.
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