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She was like a fan, complaining about what Vulcans should and should not be doing. To me, this is where her inexperience showed.
She was a fan, and Spock was her favorite character, by her own admission.
In addition to being a fan, she was one of the actors charged with not only bringing the story to life but also making it interesting for the fans. Her fandom, I thought, got in the way of her profession. Instead of putting aside her distaste for the writers taking her character where she didn't think the character should go, not from a story standpoint, but from what she knew, or thought she knew, about a similar character in a different show.

Had she realized that even though T'Pol was a "Vulcan" like Spock, she ("T'Pol") was still a completely separate and different character from Spock, she might have been able to get further into the role thereby giving a better performance.

A few of her gripes were legit, the eyebrows, the continuity issues (T'Pol touches food with her hands or she doesn't), but her complaints about the character's storyline in season 3 in particular, may have undermined her performance.
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She was like a fan, complaining about what Vulcans should and should not be doing.
An actress being vocal about the direction of her character? Never! If anything, I have more respect for Jolene after reading this. That shows me that she at least had respect for her role.
Many fans reacted to Jolene with admration, I did too, for having the guts to stand up to TPTB.

But sometimes complaints by actors should be ignored by the writers. This was one of those times. Yes, she did have respect for her role -- as she understood it, and there is the problem; I just don't think she quite understood the role, especially in those first 3 seasons.

Had she understood the character better, she might have been able to put aside what she knew as a fan, that Vulcans did this and didn't do that, and really take what may have been the best female Trek role ever, and made it into something great. As it was, she was just okay although there was notable improvement by the latter part of season 4.
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