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Re: Has star trek changed

With something like 526 hours between TNG, DS9 & VOY and 4 cinema outings from the 24th Century, I'll admit to still wanting a much better farewell to that era, than Nemesis. But ultimately it would still be farewell. A nostalgic round-up of characters, two months before retirement, to remind me of the good times we had during the 1990s.

Then ride off into the sunset, Undiscovered Country-style... having saved the day one more time.

I'd want the exact same thing from "Enterprise sucks" too in an ideal world. Although that prequel has far more to prove, while those previous series went above and beyond their potential.

I look at Star Trek Online's 25th Century, and I don't see any future series ideas I'd want to invest any time in.

I'll update my views about the Abramsverse, after having seen Into Darkness but it's not as if my opinion would carry any weight. It's a young fan's game right now, and I don't think they see their Kirk, Spock, McCoy et all as a prequel to anything. It's all brand new to them with its own future.
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