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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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This thread probably should not be about JJ. I think that he is not the one to have "revived" Trek, but if we are fortunate someone else may take over after the third movie.
It is the case that the Prime universe still exist. IMO that should he the focus of future movies and tv.
Kind of my fault.

I suggested that a new edition of the Chronology (if there were to be one) include an appendix detailing the timeline of the "Abrams-verse" version of Trek. Not trying to integrate or reconcile it with the Prime Trek timeline, just having in the back of the book for comparison. And then everyone freaked out just a bit. Guess i did not make my point in a clear enough manner.

So I am sorry to have de-railed the discussion in this thread. Really, I am.
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