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Re: Competition: write an episode of Star Trek Continues

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I think Roddenberry was pretty smart, but yeah, Serling certainly had more raw talent as a writer.
Raw? Mr. Serling's talent was pretty refined by years of experience. It was said at the time however you never just threw out ideas around him for if he saw promise in them he would develope them himself. Jack Webb was also rumored to be the same way.

In terms of Serling's feelings towards TOS, I recall an issue of Starlog quoting him as being disappointed when he had learned of NBC cancelling the series.

With respect to him feeling TOS could have been more, well, I agree with those here in that many felt that way. Where Serling is a bit different though is that he knew first-hand what kind of forces are at play in getting a show back then to air. He was no stranger to networks fights over bold or brash content.

Ellison may have shared Serling's opinion, but was Harlan ever an executive-producer actually charged with over-seeing drawing board-to-air production? Or was he a bomb thrower from the sidelines? My understanding is that he was a hit&run, work-for-hire writer of teleplays. Am I wrong?
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