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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Legion of Superheroes needs Paul Levitz to go...and a marquee writer with an actual vision for the characters to write it. I was a big fan of the book pre-New 52 and was actually reading it when Levitz took over from Johns, but he is just too erratic with his plots. I don't know if he has improved on the book since I dropped it but he really irritated me. The book needs direction, and it doesn't seem to have any.
agreed. thought i would hate yet another Legion reboot something needs to be done.
I'm actually loving Legion of Superheroes. I've always had an interest in the team, but it was the Final Crisis return of what was essentially the original team before all the reboots that hooked me. I liked that the characters weren't teens trying to get the respect of the adults (like the ok but not great version right before them had as part of their thing, I think the Legion is better when the adult/teen conflict isn't involved) and the older characters were just better in general then the rebooted stuff I've read. Currently its one of the few good New 52 books, but I think they need to stop focusing on the new guys so much. I like the newer recruits, but since Legion Lost is finally dying, I say bring Dawnstar and wildfire back and use the big guns of the Legion more in the book. Maybe have Lightning Lad and saturn Girl appear more. But, thats more about what I'd like to see as a fan. At this point, if they rebooted it I'd probably just not read it. I hope it stays around.
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