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Re: Janeway Delta Quadrant BUN

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OP is stepping on dangerous territory!
Janeway is sexy, bun or no bun!!!!
Even I know better than to insult the sexy Janeway crowd. You just back away quietly and hope they don't direct their Janeway remarks at you. It's kinda like saying Jesus slept with the prostitute, no matter if it's true or not, the argument just doesn't end well!
But if you kind of halfway admit that she looked sorta hot in one scene when you were watching VOY drunk we will embrace you as one of us and you will never be alone again.
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Standards and Baselines need to be shaken up. Not that this happened on Voyager..

Anyway Season 4 hair. A lot of people prefer Season 5 which was a bit longer but I'm a Season 4 girl. I have a flickr folder called Season 4 Hair, such is my devotion.

And since you asked, yes I will share something from it.

THIS IS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!! There is no GODCRAM reason for not using a simple style like this from JUMPSTREET. She is GORGEOUS here.. strong.. powerful.. Someone id follow into the gates of ...sickbay..
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Apparently some people actually find him a gorgeous hunk of a man?

I don't get it at all.
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Frakes born in '52, Beltran & Picardo '53, Stewart '40, Shatman '31.

dadadadadadadada Shatman!

I'm getting punchy because I've been awake 20 hours.
We should conduct a "Who still looks dateable?" poll.
Met Frakes last year and yes, I'd date him in a heart beat! ETA... IF he was single!

R. Star...I'm soooo glad that we have established "thou shalt not decry the sexiness of the Auburn Queen of Voyager" to your satisfaction.

Also glad to see Teacake is still handing out the gin rickies to deserving souls!"

As for the OP's original point... he/she can blame that on TPTB. They actually shot for a couple days with Mulgrew in a simple shoulder length hair cut but decided it didn't give her enough gravitas and reshot all those scene with the bun.

See photo #3

The very first bun was too severe... I really liked the softer version seen in season 2 - 3 (IIRC...think "The Chute").
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