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Windows XP Gaming Problems with Solutions

Considering the increasing number of help requests in the community relating to technical problems running previously released Trek games under Windows XP, I think it would be an excellent idea for us to create a storehouse of common and uncommon XP-related issues WITH SOLUTIONS. Please don't use this thread to request help! Only post solutions to problems that are known to you so they can be shared with everyone else. Also use this thread to clarify problems and solutions.



It is recommended that you fully patch your game and attempt to use all Compatibility Mode settings before requesting help on this forum.

An official game patch is a program or file(s) released by a game publisher that you download to fix problems and tweak gameplay. Usually they include instructions on how to apply them to your installed game. The official website for a game is the usual source for official patches, but other gaming sites have them as well. is a good source for patches, while TrekPulse Gaming, the Star Trek Gaming Universe, and other Trek gaming fansites may/will eventually have them also. If all else fails, do a search on Google for your game's name and "patch" for a list of sites.


I'll start with Dominion Wars. It would probably be best to sustain this format for easier searching:

GAME: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dominion Wars (2001, Simon & Schuster Interactive)

PROBLEM: The in-game mouse cursor experiences stuttering or slowdowns/lagging although the rest of the game seems fine, making it impossible to play.


(Patching the game to version 1.04 is highly recommended!)

1. Use Compatibility Mode with the game if you haven't already and set it to "Windows 98 / Windows ME". If problems continue....

2. Reduce your desktop resolution to at least 1024x786 (XGA), preferably 800x600 (SVGA), and then run the game. If problems continue....

3. Download, extract, read about, and install the unofficial XP patch for Dominion Wars (RAR archive, requires v1.04 installation). This is untested.


P.S.-Would you please sticky this thread, daedalus5?
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