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Re: Report: Gay NFL player "strongly considers" coming out

As long as sports teams are segregated into male and female only, you can't expect homosexuals to be treated properly.

Sports are not separated because males are stronger than females. That might be true in some cases, but it's bullshit in general. It's all just an extension of the fact that we don't allow school sports to be mixed because the little ones might see the private places of their class mates of the opposite gender. If a boy turns out to be homosexual, do you put him into the girls classes from now on?

We treat sex/gender wrongly in general. That's the basic problem. Homosexual males are "weird girly men", and that's negative. Where do you think that idea comes from? It stems from the basic idea that women are inferior to men. So homosexuals are inferior as well.

A lesbian athlete doesn't even have the same problem. It's only male gays that have to fear to become outcasts.
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