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Re: Voyager Fanfics, Creations, and Favorite Videos

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I am dying laughing at this guy's videos!!!

This is one is just.. okay maybe it really is meant to be touching and sweet? But it's hilarious (and well done).

I posted one of his vids in the brand new DS9 vid thread, it is even more hilarious if you want to check it out.. and perhaps encourage the new poster who started it with some DS9 vids, rare as they are. I'm looking at you JRulez, queen of the vids
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Captain Kathryn wrote: View Post
Oh man..... wow...
Samaritan... I think its time to change your name to GOOD Samaritan! Yowza! That belongs in the sexy thread.

Oh, and Teacake... WHY must you kill Chakotay every chance you get???

You know... I think its safe to say that I am the ONLY STVoy fan who LIKED "Fight"... although even I can't understand why they put a tanktop OVER his Tshirt. The T would have been enough.

My Girl....


Marry you.... (J/C fans can only dream )

And for the froot admirers on the bbs...

J/C Opus Barriers never crossed.


"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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