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She was like a fan, complaining about what Vulcans should and should not be doing.
An actress being vocal about the direction of her character? Never! If anything, I have more respect for Jolene after reading this. That shows me that she at least had respect for her role.

I thought she did a great job as T'Pol. I remember a scene early on when Malcom was dreaming that T'Pol was coming on to him. T'Pol snickered at him. It was such a small moment but I was so fascinated by that scene, because she hadn't before shown any amusement on screen (even though it was only a dream). It's sort of like the Spanish teacher breaking into English after speaking only in Spanish for most of the semester. It was fun to watch, and it was a moment when I realized how impressive her performance was up to that point. I was always interested in watching her reactions, waiting for a hint of emotion...waiting for her to crack. She was able to put a lot of personality in actions as small as moving her head or eyebrows in a certain way. And she always had a hint of vulnerability in her eyes. Then at the end of season 2 everything changes and we get to see her gradually expand the role

After watching the entire series, I enjoyed Jolene's performance as T'Pol and rank T'Pol as one of my favorite Vulcans in Trek.
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