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Re: Anyone here who HATES "in the pale moonlight"

Yeah, as much as Gene did creating the franchise, it noticeably got better once he was out of the day to day parts of it. TNG saw a rise in quality, DS9 would've never happened at all under him. Idealism and hope for a better future is good, but when is starts overriding common sense and believability it gets a bit silly.

To the episode in question... this was easily Garak's crowning moment. He utterly played -everyone- from Sisko to the entire Romulan Empire. I liked the narrative approach too. Not only was Sisko doing these things, but he was believably justifying them that you could see a good man making difficult decisions and doing bad things for the greater good.

I would've loved it if somehow Dukat got a hold of that log entry and declared they weren't so different after all!
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