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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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I never claimed to be innocent, however, as I said, I can see the point in them to talk about/point out the regular trouble-posters either "there" or out here. Then there's, "Oh, look, someone we kind of don't like posted a thread about something silly. Gang-up on him!"

Someone posting about their usual hatred towards Abram's Trek or post-TOS, trek, or some other nonsense? Sure. Someone continually posting nonsensical stuff about alien lizards and Rube Goldberg Perpetual Motion machines? Sure.

Someone posts a thread about dash-cam videos? Seriously?! THAT'S who you're going to call out and harp on?

Everyone around here is turning into a bunch of annoying, self-important, self-involved, self-loving, twats. This place is quickly filling up with assholes who just want to go around and continue to be assholes for the sake of being an asshole.
What's the matter, Trekker? Was the conversation not about you for five minutes so you had to bring it back around to your favorite subject? You were an active participant in those threads. You started some of those threads. And now, in typical Trekker fashion, you play the victim when you don't like how the threads have gone.

What's funny is, you two are trying to make it look like there's some sinister commentary going on behind the scenes when there's not. The one thing that was said is that Flux seems to be a masochist with the way he dredged this thread up from oblivion to post about another YouTuber and say "see, this guy's worse than me." Which would be funny considering you're now complaining about comments being made behind people's backs if you guys were able to see your own faults for even a second. How is that comment any different than what was said to him directly in this thread?

We all know you both read and occasionally post in that thread, so trying to portray it as going behind your back is a BS attempt at playing the victim for other people who don't know any better out here. It's pathetic.

And since you can't seem to shut up about TNZ after I told you to, we're done here. I'm not letting you martyr yourself any more. If you want to actually talk to anyone, quit being a coward and come talk to us instead of making up lies and exaggerations about what's going on behind the scenes to portray yourself as the victim.

This thread has completely left the topic anyway and just devolved into insults (which I'm guilty of as well), so there's no longer any point to it.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.

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