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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I am wondering if Carl attitude is permanently hardened now, think about it, put down Shane, put down his own mom, killed a young teen (non-walker), and is defying his dad more than ever.
Hershal is worried about him. It will be interesting to see if the writers turn him into a mini-Merle or mini-Shane. It seems the groups always has to have 1, and maybe Carl is it. But now that they are moving to a more democratic style leadership it won't matter, the adults can always outvote a kid.

If they do move Carl to be a bratty rebel, I like the younger Carl better, nobody likes a young, disrespectful punk. I really hope the writers don't turn into that punk, because until now I really liked Carl as a character, but now I am on the line next season will see what way it breaks.
I don't mind a little conflictual behavior like that going on. It's clear the crux of the show is on people trying to hang onto their humanity in an inhumane world where desensitization to violence is rampant.

Maybe Carl stays hard & cold. Maybe he worsens, or maybe he has a turn around. It'll be interesting to see how they work it, especially since he's no longer the only person his age in the group. None of those sheltered Woodbury kids will be anything like Carl. That'll make for interesting events as well

Will Carl be treated as an adult voice in the democracy even though there's plenty of kids now who probably won't be?

I'll be cool with most anything, just as long as no one picks up the "Too stupid" mantle left empty by Andrea. If characters constantly make moronic choices or take stupid actions, it should cost them, like it eventually did with Andrea
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